Up Lighting, Dance Floor Lighting, 
& Monogram Lighting

Uplighting, Dance floor Lighting, and Monograms are an investment in your wedding. Is it going to make/break your wedding? No, of course not. Is it going to have a drastic and dramatic impact on your entire event? Absolutely. Uplighting can create WOW from the moment guests arrive, and enhance a dance floor later in the evening. Uplighting makes the venue look better. It makes photos look better. Discounted, or “included free” uplighting is cheaper for a reason. I aim to competitively price my uplighting packages. Monograms add a touch of personalty and personalization.  It’s guaranteed to boost the wedding party atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your friends and family long after the event has concluded. Lighting also allows for beautifully crafted pictures from your guests with cameras, and especially your hired professional photographers.

Professional Dance Floor Lighting System:

An array of beautiful and engaging bright patterns and intersections of light electrify the dance floor, shifting to the sound of the music for all up-beat dance hits as well as any slower-paced love songs. From classic, wash single color lighting-effects to modern, pulsing neon patterns consuming everyone on the dance floor, great dance lighting can transform any memorable wedding day into an unforgettable night of fun for everyone!





Professional Uplighting:

Whether you'd like to accentuate the existing architecture of a beautiful ballroom, transform any ordinary reception hall into glamorous and romantic oasis, or light-up the surrounding trees of your outdoor event, proper Uplighitng is crucial.
I'll setup up to 16 PAR lights to any custom color(s) of your choosing (i.e., your wedding colors) and position them around the room/property to create a stunning, dramatic look and feel to your event that no guest will soon forget - and that's just the beginning!
As soon as the high-energy dancing begins, the lights can pulse, strobe & change color to the beat of the music to create a fun and thrilling 'Night Club'-esque effect & atmosphere! Total Awesomeness!







Floor/Wall Monogram Projection:​

Add an extra 'WOW' factor to your event by lighting-up your names or initials onto your dance floor or onto any available wall - indoors or outdoors!
I'll project a custom-designed gobo monogram with your names/initials in bright white lettering to create a wonderful focal point during your event thatyour guests are going to love the moment they walk into the room. Along with your names, you can  add images of rings, hearts, bells, or any other special icon into your monogram.​
Your monogram will look the best when combined with our popular Uplighting package or any medium-lit room with no florescent lighting.